• We also believe in the supremacy of science. Fed by universal knowledge, we produce new knowledge and work to offer it for the benefit of humanity. We produce knowledge adhering to universal standards and ethics and work for the benefit of humanity.
  • Humanity comes first for us. That’s why it is our priority to work hard in order to promote its development and prosperity. We believe in the supremacy of a human’s right to live, improve and express itself, and we work to reinforce this.We believe in a human’s power of producing, altering and transforming and work towards assisting them to better these unique characteristics of theirs.
  • We work to fulfill our social responsibility to facilitate a better and sustainable life within the context of humanity, community and environment. As required by our presence and social responsibility, all sorts of contributions intended to facilitate a more prosperous life for our city, country and world are significant to us; so, we support them and work to do so.
  • We facilitate a well-equipped environment for our students, academic members and all of our staff to develop international relations. We work to achieve an international science and education environment in conformity with global standards.
  • For us, innovation is about encouraging innovations which will contribute to humanity. Free thought and creativity are of significance to sustain innovation in a deeply-rooted fashion; that’s why we work to promote free thought and creativity. We work to raise students who are curious, creative, and innovative and who ask questions, research, and learn.