• We believe in the power of knowledge above all. Drawing on the wealth of universal learning, we strive to produce new knowledge in the interests of humanity. We produce knowledge in accordance with universal standards and ethics and share it for the benefit of humanity.
  • Human beings are our most important asset. We see promoting the development and happiness of individuals as one of our greatest responsibilities. We believe in people’s preeminent rights to live, to improve and to express themselves, and we strive to reinforce these. We believe in people’s power to produce, to change and to transform their world, and we strive to assist in the further development of these unique abilities.
  • We strive to fulfill our social responsibilities in promoting the sustainability of life in the context of humanity, society and the environment. We value, support and strive to promote every initiative to improve the welfare of our city, our country and our world as a matter of social responsibility and existential urgency.
  • We create the necessary conditions for the development of international ties on the part of our students, our faculty members and all of our employees. We strive to provide an international academic and educational environment in accordance with universal standards.
  • We believe that the value of innovation lies in promoting the interests of humanity. In order for innovation to take root and become sustainable we believe in and seek to nurture freedom of thought and creativity. We strive to support the development of individuals who are curious, ask questions, conduct research and learn in the spirit of creativity and innovation.