Measures Against the New Coronavirus – Update

Dear Yaşar University Staff,

As known, the Ministry of Health made a statement on 11.03.2020 to confirm that a citizen suspected to have the New Coronavirus in our country was tested positive for the virus. The statement also included the information that the New Coronavirus has been spreading quite fast around the globe and it was also highlighted that increasing volume of measures should be continuously taken. We, as Yaşar University, would like to express that the university have already started taking a set of preventive measures prior to this statement and will continue taking other preventive measures needed in line with the developments that might happen in future.

Routine industrial cleaning actions have been being taken strictly within this scope. The commonly contacted surfaces such as tables, door handles, and sinks are being cleaned by the cleaning staff regularly and frequently. Shared areas and classrooms across the campus are being disinfected. Moreover, the staff shuttles have also been disinfected as a preventive measure.

Hand sanitizers have been placed especially in the shared areas on the campus. Hand sanitizers will also be placed at the entrances of buildings and at some other specific spots on the campus. It should therefore be highlighted again that it is highly important to wash your hands regularly and wash them for at least 20 seconds properly using water and soap, according to the experts. Experts also state that cleansers such as hand sanitizers can be used in cases where water and soap are inaccessible.

Some of the big events planned to be held on the campus have been postponed.

There have been informative events concerning the New Coronavirus where Occupational Physician M.D. Yeşim GÜNEL addressed the arising issue. We would like thank those staff members who attended these events. We are planning to continue to hold such events. You can follow up-to-date information concerning such events on the on-campus digital information screens if you are interested in attending one. You are also recommended to check out the information brochures that were published by the Ministry of Health and hung all across the campus. Click here to check out the brochure published by the Ministry of Health. Considering the global spread of the New Coronavirus, it is pleasing for us to see that all of our students and academic and administrative staff members are free of this virus.

Within the framework of the 14-Day Rule suggested by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, those staff members who are still abroad or have just arrived or will soon arrive in Turkey are requested to enter the campus after completing the quarantine period of 14 days following their entrance to the dormitories and after informing the Occupational Physician about their entering. Requests for casual leave in such cases should be submitted to the Human Resources Department via e-mail to or to the respective academic/administrative unit.

The assignments of those academic and administrative staff members who were previously assigned an international duty and have not yet left Turkey have been cancelled. The academic and administrative staff members who are planning to go abroad for touristic purposes are no longer entitled to using their annual leave granted for their touristic visits for the sake of the efficacy of the measures taken and so as not to pose any risk to other students and staff members within the university. It is highly recommended not to go to international towns.

The statement published by the Council of Higher Education for rectors notes that there is not any decision to suspend the academic year and that they do not have any recommendations for e-learning. It has therefore been approved that the academics continue administering their courses that they are responsible for as they did previously, that they do not administer these courses through e-learning, and that they do not take initiative not to administer courses however to tolerate those students who would not want to attend courses.

Under the light of all this information and these measures taken, the announcements and statements to be made by the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health will be followed up regularly. Measures such as “suspension of education” or “transition to online education” will not be taken throughout this process. All these measures and actions that we are taking are only intended to protect public health and particularly our students’ and staff members’ health. We would like to reiterate that your cooperation and consideration are highly appreciated so we can overcome this time of a globally-serious pandemic, and wish you all the health.


Yaşar University Rector’s Office