Yaşar University An A-Group University in Turkey's University Satisfaction Survey 2020

According to the results of the Turkey's University Satisfaction Survey 2020 conducted by the University Assessments & Research Laboratory, Yaşar University has been ranked among the A-group universities that have achieved “high student satisfaction”.

Intended to guide universities so they understand students’ experiences and satisfaction, enrich and diversify their experiences while also acting in a more student-oriented way, the survey was conducted with a group of 39.386 students from 192 universities.

The survey assesses how satisfied students are with their university in six different categories including education, campus and life-quality of the facilities, consciousness about students’ academic problems, efficiency of administrative operation,educational infrastructure and opportunities, as well as supports offered.

According to this survey, Yaşar University has achieved to rank 12th among all foundation universities with highest levels of student satisfaction

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