One of the best social media users

Yaşar University won silver award as it was listed among the universities that achieved to be the best social media users according to the Data Analytics Category of the Social Media Awards Turkey 2020.

One of the most comprehensive social media awards organization and organized since 2017 jointly by Marketing Türkiye and BoomSonar with the expertise contributed by Deloitte Turkey, Social Media Awards Turkey 2020 were presented to the winners during an online ceremony. The competition comprised of three main categories of Jury’s Awards, SocialBrands Data Analytics Awards and Grand Prix, as well as twenty four sub-categories. The winners of the category of Data Analytics were determined based on SocialBrands’ method of data analytics, BoomSonar’s social media brand measurement and scoring system.

Under this category, a total number of over 55.000 social media accounts from over fifty different sectors was assessed in terms of their social media performances between March 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020 in an objective and data-based manner. The winners were determined based on over thirty criteria including 1-year performance of social media accounts and follower figures, increase in numbers of followers, stability in performance, their interaction levels, sectoral performance, as well as use of hashtag and mentions. Following the award that Yaşar University won last year, the university has also won a silver award as one of the foundation universities that became this year’s best social media users.