Listed among the most achieved scientists

Scholars from Yaşar University Prof. Arif Hepbaşlı and Prof. Duygu Türker Özmen have been listed among the world’s most achieved scientists.

Organized by Prof. John Ioannidis and his team at Stanford University to list the top160 thousand scientists out of a total number of 7 million scientists from varying disciplines, the list of the world’s top scientists included 857 scientists from Turkey as well.

Created by a team of US and Dutch scientists according to the scientific impact index that is determined based on varying factors such as publication number, citation count, h-index, author rank, journal quertile score, the list of the world’s most influential scientists has been announced. The research analyzed a total number of nearly 7 million researchers with at least 5 studies published between 1996-2019 to assess their impact based on all their studies throughout their academic career, and listed the 159 thousand 684 scientists with the highest impact rates. The study listing scientists in 22 departments and 176 sub-departments has been published in the journal “Plos Biology”.


Including 857 scholars from Turkey, the list also included Prof. Arif Hepbaşlı from Yaşar University Faculty of Engineering Department of Energy Systems Engineering and Prof. Duygu Türker Özmen from Yaşar University Faculty of Business Administration Department of Business. Prof. Hepbaşlı and Prof. Özmen noted that publications and citations bear greater importance in the science world and expressed that they are proud to have been listed in the upper ranks of this list.