2020-21 Fall Semester Distance Education

A Quick Start Guide

For students:

Where can I get the information I need?

Yaşar University website (https://yasar.edu.tr/) is the University’s official source of information about distance education and important tips and precautions.

Where will be all of my courses delivered digitally (online)?

Sakai CLE (https://sakai.yasar.edu.tr/) is the gate of the Digital Learning Ecosystem of Yaşar University. For information about teaching and learning remotely, log in to the system with your YaşarID accounts. This platform is integrated with the Student Information System so you can access the courses you have already registered.

You can access your registered courses from the "Sites" menu (1) in the upper right corner. There is a site in this environment for each course you have registered. You can access the page of the course by clicking on the tab of the course (2) titled with the course code and term information.

In the "Home" tab on the left menu, there are operation menus (3) related to your account. You can also edit the settings related to your user account by clicking the picture or your name (4) in the upper right corner.

You can access your course page by clicking on the title of the course (1) named with the course code and term information on the "Sites" menu in the upper right corner of your courses or on the favorite tab with an asterisk.

You will receive detailed information about your course via distance education on the Overview screen (2).

You can follow the announcements about the course from the "Announcements" (3) menu on the right.

In the left menu (4), there are tools such as “Lessons”, “Assignment”, “Tests & Quizzes”, “Meetings”.

Detailed information about the use of course tools can be found on the Sakai Learning Environment (https://sakai.yasar.edu.tr/) or the Student Support Page (https://odl-support.yasar.edu.tr/category/sakai-for-students/).

Make sure that you are clear about your instructor’s expectations. Different instructors have different teaching styles. There are a few instructions you should follow in order to gain a good knowledge of the subject and to complete the course requirements. It is your responsibility to follow them!

Where could I follow my Live Lessons?

Live Lessons sessions are held in the weekly course schedule of your course, depending on the planning of the lecturer. These courses can be presented simultaneously in the Sakai Learning Environment (https://sakai.yasar.edu.tr/) via the "Meetings" (Virtual Classroom) tools on the left menu (2) of the relevant course (1). Locate the existing session title (3) and click to join. Sessions are recorded, depending on the instructor's preference. You can access the records of the course from the “Recordings” tab (4) on the course page.

This application is a web conferencing solution for online learning that provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat and screen. It also allows participants to join the conferences with their webcams via mobile phones, computers and tablets with internet access.

To participate in the live lesson session, you need to click the "Join meeting" link.

Depending on the web browser you are using, you must allow the application to access your microphone and camera. You must also edit the permissions of the virus protection and/or firewall applications installed on your device.

Choose to attend the lesson only as a listener “Listen only” (2) or audio participation via “Microphone” (1).

When you click on the microphone icon (1) it will do a sound test for your device.

Depending on whether you hear your own voice or not, confirm the transaction and participate according to your preference.

If you cannot hear your voice please check:

  • Whether your speaker is turned on,
  • Whether your sound system is used by another application,
  • And whether your microphone is correctly configured.

In the Live Lessons environment;

  • Settings menu (1) where you can make settings such as turning on / off the audio of the users, authorizing the participants to present, by clicking the name of the participant.
  • Chat application (2) that allows participants to communicate via message, if you have authorized it.
  • File sharing (3) where you can upload your presentation content, conduct a survey, share an external video.
  • Microphone On / Off (6), Turn Off /Start Audio (7), Share Webcam (8) and Screen share (9) buttons.
  • Basic drawing and marking tools you will use on Whiteboard pages such as pen, text, geometric shapes,
  • Recording menu (4) that allows you to record the meeting, stop and continue recording,
  • Options menu (5) providing access to options such as user settings and logging out

is located.

You can find more detailed information about the use of the application on the Student Support Page (https://odl-support.yasar.edu.tr/sakai-for-students/es-zamanli-canli-dersleri-nasil-takip-edebilirim/​).

What kind of device (computer, tablet) will I need to follow the course? What applications should I install?

You will need an up-to-date web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge / IE or Opera), supporting device (mobile phone, tablet, computer) and Internet access without connection problems.

A sound system for participation in live lecture sessions, a camera and microphone for video-audio participation is required.

You can get support from the Computer Center (https://bim.yasar.edu.tr/en/services/office-365/, https://bim.yasar.edu.tr/en/download/) for the office application, file viewer and design tools in order to follow the course contents and fulfill your responsibilities.

Forgot my password/ have problems with my password?

You can use your YASARID account to access the digital services offered by Yaşar University. Your YASARID account is created automatically during the first registration to our university. You can find detailed information about your YASARID account and password transactions at https://bim.yasar.edu.tr/en/services/student/yasar-id/

Where can I get help?

Due to the nature of remote systems, interaction with the learner is provided by various communication tools of the system or via e-mail. You must communicate with the right person to provide you the timely feedback on your requests.

You must share your requests about your course (lessons, learning contents, live sessions, assignments, exams, etc.) with the lecturer. You can share your requests with the communication method (e-mail, message box, chat etc.) determined by the lecturer.

You can get support from technical experts via Online Support (https://os.yasar.edu.tr/) for your technical questions and problems regarding the learning environment. Provide the details of your problem (Course Code, Branch Information, Homework / Exam / Tool details, Error Code, Screen sharing etc.) in order to get fast and healthy feedback.

You can get help from academic unit secretaries (faculty / department, college, institute, preparatory school) or Student Affairs about the academic issues.

How and when will the exams take place?

You can find the detailed information at the course description page or the syllabus of the course.
Final exams are planned to be held on the campus. Due to the coronavirus pandemic it will be announced.

For faculty:

All learning happens in a context that shapes one’s ability to engage and learn. Circumstances for learners and faculty in the fall of 2020-21 will continue to be complex and uncertain.

Distance education is clearly different from regular education in terms of a student or teacher’s physical presence. Defining distance learning can be challenging because there are a number of different distance learning types and models to cover. In certain cases, however, distance learning is not just required but the best possible option.

In considering these guidelines, it is important to note that we are all learning together through this period and, much like with your face-to-face (F2F) teaching, it will take time to develop teaching skills in a new environment. We recognize your time and effort in planning and teaching your course in the best way possible for your learners this fall.

Ensure you are familiar with your computer and the technology you are using. Practice beforehand if possible and if you are experiencing any difficulty, contact IT department for support.

What will be the 2020-2021 academic semester procedures?

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that Yaşar University has had to ask our faculty to operate in ways they’ve never done before. Your work is at the heart of our mission of educating students and generating new scholarship, and we are grateful for your dedication. Below is information that we hope will inform you and help you make the best of a challenging situation. All faculty are required to prepare these steps for each class that they are teaching:

Step 1: Create your Course on Sakai Learning Environment

Set up and publish course site to remotely interact with your students, provide course content, and collect assignments digitally. After Fall 2020-21 OBS course planning process, Sakai CLE course site is ready for you to use. To begin working on your site, log in with your YasarID (name.surname) and password at  https://sakai.yasar.edu.tr/.

Step 2: Write Welcome Message

A welcome message to students before the course begins is an important step in establishing your online persona. The message should include vital information for the course and not be your entire syllabus. The purpose of this communication is to welcome the students, establish a comfortable class environment, introduce the class syllabus, schedule, protocols, and to/or establish a weekly routine. This message can be sent via email (outside of the LMS).

Step 3: Share Your Course Plan

A structure that can easily be delivered remotely using Sakai CLE lesson tool, includes segmented sections of content broken into chunks called learning modules.  Each learning module has its own module outcomes, assessment/feedback, and learning activities that should align with, and be explicitly tied to, your course learning outcomes. Upload course documents and link to multimedia materials, and send a message via an announcement to your students. To quickly organize and sequence your course.

Step 4: Be prepared for Assessment Alternatives

It can be a challenge to find assessments that exactly recreate what you have done in face-to-face situations. Some barriers may be logistical or technical, and some may reflect the increased complexity of our and our students’ current lives. Before deciding to maintain a traditional exam, it may be useful to think broadly about the kinds of assessments that might engage students. Below is a collection of suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Online discussions
  • Student-Created Videos
  • Papers or Research Reports
  • Group Projects
  • Series of quizzes
  • Presentations or demonstrations
  • Take-home assessments

Where can I get help?

Remote instruction provides academic continuity for both instructors and students. This website outlines steps and tools that can be used to connect with students remotely and deliver course materials, as well as a remote learning page for student use.

Distance Education 101 (https://sakai.yasar.edu.tr/portal/site/odl_101) is set up to help instructors develop a site plan for offering distance or blended learning to learners. The resources and information on this page can also help you adjust to remote teaching and inform you of the latest university guidelines and policies.

This site provides an overview of remote instruction resources and services available from the Centre for Open and Distance Learning. Browse "Distance Education" concepts on your own, join "Live training sessions", follow "SAKAI 101" instructor guide, or contact us via the “Live Support” link at the left of this screen.

The Centre for Open and Distance Learning was initiated as part of Yasar University in 2014 to provide professional support to academic and administrative staff engaged in distance education developments, with the purpose of enhancing the student experience, promoting effective teaching and learning, and contributing to the adoption of new modes of teaching.

Please prefer to use our "Live Support" service via Distance Education 101 (https://sakai.yasar.edu.tr/portal/site/odl_101). Your name and e-mail are requested in order to provide a fast response to your requests and to record the transaction process. Your username and e-mail are filled automatically. If you wish, you can specify your personal e-mail. Click "Start Chat" button and use the text area below for your request. You can share files and screenshots when necessary. The more information you provide, the better chance we have of answering your question or reproducing your problem. You will receive a prompt response during business hours. Please e-mail to odl@yasar.edu.tr, if you have any problem to access Distance Education 101 site. 

Problems regarding to your YASARID account and password, please send an e-mail to helpdesk@yasar.edu.tr  or by phone IT Department (https://bim.yasar.edu.tr/