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Yasar University- Bornova Municipality Instagram Photo Contest

Yasar University- Bornova Municipality Instagram Photo Contest Rules

  1. Contest Theme: : “Bornova and Life in Bornova”
  2. Aim of the contest: To contribute to promoting the Bornova district and to the art of photography itself by means of allowing competitors to reflect on “Bornova and Life in Bornova” in pictures.
  3. Rules
  • Entry to the contest is free of charge.
  • The theme of the contest is Bornova and Life in Bornova.
  • The contest is held on the Instagram platform only.
  • Entrants must be 15 years of age or older.
  • Competitors shall upload a maximum of 3 pictures. The pictures uploaded by the competitors should be posted for the first time.
  • It should be clearly obvious that the photos sent to the contest are taken in Bornova. For this reason, a defining name of the place, avenue or street should be included in the name of the photos.
  • The photos of those that fulfil all the conditions of the contest will be presented to the jury after the preselection by Yasar University and Bornova Municipality Editors, and the winners will be determined.
  • The participants who are successful in the pre-selection need to submit the original photos in an envelope, to the regulatory board. Photos of the contestants who do not submit these photos, will not be presented to the jury.
  • Participants can use all kinds of effect, filter or image processing software program on the uploaded photos without any limitation.
  • For the participants, it is necessary to follow the @yasaruniv and @belediyebornova accounts on Instagram and to use #yasaruniversitesi and #bornovabizimevimiz hashtags for the photos.
  • The entrants mustn’t change their Instagram username/account name until the contest is officially concluded.
  • The photos should not violate intellectual property rights of a third person, should not violate public order or custom, should not constitute a crime, should not carry any purpose or advertisement of a third person, should not be an incentive for bad and dangerous habits. Entrants retain the ownership of all legal or criminal responsibility regarding these issues.
  • The entrants declare, undertake and accept in advance, to agree that their work might be used on all or some social media websites used by Yasar University or Bornova Municipality (social media platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter etc.). The owner of the photos cannot claim rights for any royalty payment for these uses.
  • The entrants declare, undertake and accept that the work sent to the contest belongs to him/her and all the necessary permission has been taken. Reading the Photo Contest Rules hereby and by participating in the contest, the entrants declare, undertake and without recourse accept that no third person can claim any right to their work, they are the direct respondent and responsible for any claim from a third person, if Yasar University or Bornova Municipality becomes responsible for this reason, has to pay any cost or suffers any loss for the use of the work, they compensate for all the loss cost at once, in cash. In case of any disagreement regarding this issue, Yasar University and Bornova Municipality retain no responsibility.
  • Before the official declaration of the results, winners will be notified in person by DM on Instagram, and their photo and contact information will be confirmed. If the respective users cannot be communicated with, the backup candidates will be chosen as winners.
  • The photos sent to the contest, should not include any theme with a divisive expression belonging to an ethnic identity, motto or symbol; theme about sexual or pornographic subjects; visuals of logo, motto or graphic of a brand, used for advertisement.
  • Yasar University and Bornova Municipality accept no legal responsibility about the content of the photos.
  • The awarded photos will be kept in Yasar University’s and Bornova Municipality’s photo archive and used when necessary, in printed and visual materials with the name of the photographer for purpose of promotion. The owner of the photos will not be paid any extra royalty payment for these uses.
  • All photos must be original work of the entrants and taken by them.
  • Entrants retain the ownership of all legal responsibility that might come out in case of violation of copyright by using someone else’s photo or some part of it.
  • This contest has no direct relation with Instagram platform. Changes or regulations that are applied by Instagram might change the process of the contest. Organizers cannot be charged because of these reasons.
  • As the initiators of the contest, Yasar University and Bornova Municipality have the right to make regulations, changes on the rules and conditions of the contest or adding/dropping, cancelling some from those. Entrants cannot claim any rights on this issue.
  • At the end of the contest, the selection of photos honoured by the jury will be exhibited on Yasar University Selcuk Yasar Campus.
  • By participating, entrants confirm that they accept all the conditions of the contest and decisions of the jury.
  • Rules of the Competition consist of twenty four (24) articles including this article.


Contest Calendar:


Submission Date: February 15 – May 15, 2018     


Note: Participants will be informed about the pre-selection, contest results and award ceremony later.



Yaşar Üniversity Faculty of Communication Prof. Dr. Gülseren Atabek

Yaşar Üniversity Faculty of Communication Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem Alikılıç

Yaşar  Üniversity Faculty of Arts and Design Assist. Prof. Mehmet Kahyaoğlu

Yaşar University Photo Editor Cihan Durak


Bornova Municipality Photo Editor Şükrü Akın

Bornova Municipality Social Media Specialist Murat Erden

Bornova Municipality Photo Editor Müslüm Duman

Photographer Can Yücel

Special Jury Member

A jury member expert in photography that is going to be assigned by Yaşar University and the Bornova Municipality





The First Place Winner:         Fujifilm X-T2 + 16-50mm Kit

The Second Place Winner:    DJI Spark Drone

The Third Place Winner:        Gopro Hero Session Aksiyon Kamera

The Fourth Place Winner:     Fujifilm Instax Neo 90



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