Campus Life

Yaşar University Selçuk Yaşar Campus consists of 19 buildings established on 26.000 m2. In our campus, there are many laboratories, studios and public areas provided for students and listed as follows:

  • Computer labs
  • Cad-cam lab
  • Ergonomics lab
  • Language Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Photograph Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Film Studio
  • Radio Studio
  • Music Studios
  • Conference Hall
  • Cinema
  • Court Room
  • Sports Center
  • Fitness Center
  • Strategic Games Room
  • Photographic and Graphic Workshops
  • Amphitheater
  • Architecture Workshop


Also , wireless internet connection is provided in every part of the campus. Document transformation regarding official documents is also implemented online. To reduce paper consumption, the announcements in our campus are made through digital announcement screens in particular points.


Yaşar University Student Dormitory, which was opened in the 2010-2011 Academic Year, consists of two blocks with 8 floors and it furnishes service for about 400 students. The dormitory was constructed as earthquake-resistant and has 17m2 double rooms and 21 m2 triple rooms excluding the bathroom and it serves as a safe, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for our students. (For further information please visit


In Selçuk Yaşar Campus, food is prepared. The daily lunch menu includes soup, two main courses, fruit, 3 side dishes, yoghurt, salad and 3 kinds of desserts. (Two alternatives of diabetic food are also available )

The establishments which provide a good environment and service to the students, and also furnish the daily life in the campus include;

  • Cafeteria
  • Unistore (students can purchase their digital prints and photocopies)


Students are able to improve themselves socially with the alternative events within or outside the school. Yaşar University hosts both international and national organizations and events with the contribution of native and non-native academicians. All faculties organize conferences, symposiums, seminars, panel discussions, exhibitions, concerts and talks with the participation of world- wide known professionals.


Yaşar University Student Clubs help students to contribute to a social environment while they are enjoying their hobbies. These clubs are active during the academic year. Their aim is to enrich the students, who are getting ready for their professional lives, academically and personally. Education at Yaşar University is based on art and productivity. Thus, students become environmentally and communally conscious, creative and intellectual with the help of these clubs. Before graduating from the university, students become experienced researchers. Students are supported with a great variety of social club activities. There are many social clubs related to the student's professional and private needs. More clubs can be established upon students' request.