As per the Article 51 of the Law No. 2547 on Higher Education, and the Article 26 and Article 35 of the Decree Law No. 124 on Administrative Organization of Superior Higher Education Organizations and Higher Education Institutions, the Legal Counselor's Office provides the below-mentioned services.

  • It protects our university’s rights at legal and administrative levels in the cases of any dispute that may arise between Yaşar University and its students, staff members and other individuals and institutions, and execute our university’s authorities in accordance with the legislation in effect.
  • As a proxy, it makes sure that all proceedings are followed up and finalized to protect the university’s rights and interests in the cases of administrative and legal cases where the university is a party, enforcement procedures and any other kind of legal disputes that are submitted to the jurisdiction.
  • It contributes to preparation of the contracts and protocols where the university is a party.
  • It makes sure that the university is provided with any kind of legal services that will help the university and the divisions within it administer services in accordance with the relevant legislations.
  • It ensures that legal relations are regulated in the interests of the university, and that any potential dispute is sorted out.
  • It pays the utmost attention to prevent sharing of in-house information with the third parties or in any other setting outside the institution, and to make sure that privacy principles is followed.
  • It executes other administrative duties assigned by the Legislation and the Rector.