Selçuk Yaşar Campus

Üniversite Caddesi, No:37-39, Ağaçlı Yol, Bornova, İzmir - Türkiye

Telephone : +90(232) 570 7070

Fax : +90(232) 570 7000

Student Dormitory

367/2 sokak No : 9/2 Kazım Dirik Mahallesi Bornova, İzmir - Türkiye

Telephone : +90(232) 570 8020

Fax : +90(232) 570 7000


ccess The campus is easily accessible via the highways since the transportation via the highway has been regulated properly with traffic signs. Easily accessible via intracity and interprovincial highways, Yaşar University Campus is an exclusive campus for students and their parents. If preferred, subway is an easy and safe means of transportation to the campus. The campus is right next to the overpass at the “Bölge” metro station.


Please visit the relevant webpage to learn the contact information of the relevant faculty, department or division.
LPPD :Law on the Protection of Personal Data
Please send the LPPD form to [email protected] after filling it out. For more information, please check the LPPD Information Statement.