Information Division

Information Division within the University has been created as per the Article 8 of the Regulation on the Basis and Procedures Concerning Right to Information. The Division has been created to provide any kind of information that is requested by any relevant individual, as set in the relevant laws. As required by the right to information that is granted to individuals within the framework of the relevant laws, you can get informed about our University by consulting the Information Division. The subjects and the conditions that apply to this process are stated in the Article 15 and Article 18 of the relevant Law.

( You can apply for Information by using the form below, as entailed by the Law No. 4982 on Right to Information. Please fill out the “Name Surname”, “Postal Address” and “Turkish ID Number” parts fully and provide exact information so your application is considered.

“The information and documents that have been made public by means of online platforms, announcements, brochures and similar ways” by the university cannot be a subject of the applications made to obtain information. Please insert your exact e-mail address so you can be contacted about the response to your application. Yaşar University is not responsible for the replies that do not reach its recipient who did not provide its exact e-mail address.

Natural and legal persons that want to obtain information about our University can apply by

  • Filling out the “Online Information Applications Form”,
  • Sending an e-mail to [email protected]
  • Faxing (Fax No :0232 - 570 7000)