Yaşar exulting in its 18th anniversary

Founded with the mission of becoming an international city university, Yaşar University celebrated its 18th anniversary during the ceremony held on the Selçuk Yaşar Campus.

Modern Design Gains the Traditional Pattern Award

Lecturer (PhD) Nazlı Gürgan, Head of the Department of Graphic Design at Yaşar University, was ranked first in the category of illustration of the “Anatolia’s Female Strength”, which was organized by Anatolian Cultural Entrepreneurship in an attempt to make better use of the efforts put by women

INARfest: A festive break for learning

The 4th ‘INARfest’ Festival has been held by Yaşar University Faculty of Architecture Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design.

Meaningful Support for TEGV from Yaşar University

Students from Yaşar University’s Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design designed furniture for the children that took part in the education events held at TEGV (Turkish Education Supporters’ Foundation) Education Park in Çiğli, İzmir.



What Is Happening

Happening on the Campus

24/7 Living Campus

Concerts, exhibitions, workshops, film festivals, stage shows and artistic projects are all livening up Yaşar University

Campus Life

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DOGOSTORE with students from UC Leuven Limburg

Experience design thinking and hands on practice on how to transform and idea to an actual product.


Most preferred university in Euroasia category winner "YASAR UNIVERSITY"

Around 250 EuroAsia Agent Workshop agencies (2018 workshop participants) have voted for the schools in 13 categories. Also there was a special award category and 11 agents were appreciated with a special plaquet, for their continious support for Euroasia Agent Workshop.

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Yaşar University has reached Tunisia.

The "Days of Promotion of Turkish Universities" fair in Tunisia has created the aim of strengthening the exchange of students between the two countries and, therefore, to strengthen "the strategic partnership between Tunisia and Turkey which covers the economic development and infrastructure, but also the education sector ".

Yaşar University is a member of the European University Association (EUA)

Yaşar University was awarded Diploma Supplement Label in 2011, and ECTS in 2012.

Yaşar University is the first higher education institution in Turkey that has been accredited in preparatory-class foreign language education.

Yaşar University has signed Principles of the UN Global Compact.