Greetings for a new beginning. We have prepared YAŞARIM Magazine for you meticulously. In addition to its content intended to introduce and promote our university, it also covers a rich content including sports, hobbies, health.


YAPRAK” magazine is a hands-on magazine that is prepared by students from the Public Relations and Promotion, and Graphic Design Programs of the Vocational School. In this publication where our students get the chance to practice the theoretical knowledge that they learn during classes, you can read news stories about our Vocational School and the University, as well as news stories about arts, culture, sports and articles covering topics in health and personal development


Published every three months (four times a year) on electronically, JOY E-Journal of Yaşar University an anonymous peer-reviewed journal that is scanned on international field indexes.Also prepared covering exclusive content (including awards), these special-content issues are also published.)