From The Rector

Prof.Dr. M.Cemali DİNÇER

Meet the world of Yaşar University and its culture…

Dear Students,

As its mission, Yaşar University has the aim of allowing our academic and administrative staff, our students and other partners to reach the correct information quickly and contributing to their improvement of intellectual assets by supporting the education given at the university and the research carried out.

Besides this, the university feels responsible towards the public, civil and industrial institutions, the other educational institutions and in terms of public education and informing people in general.

Our employees and students live with the culture of the institution as long as they are on our campus. Eventually, even after the university, our graduates transfer this culture to other institutions throughout their career and they keep the awareness of being a ‘Yaşar University Student’ at all times.

Our university aims to educate modern and innovative individuals who can think analytically, have the ability to question and compare, have developed problem solving skills with the awareness of responsibility, and who can add value.

It is also important for us to enable our students to improve their artistic and design tastes as well.

The Yaşar University Family is an educational institution in which different languages, cultures, nations and individuals’ dreams come true in the light of science and in unity by aiming at success.

Our most significant motivation is to witness our students’ achievements along with this culture after the graduation and be proud of them.

I wish 2021 - 2022 Academic Year to be full of success and happiness for all of us.

With warmest regards,

Prof. Dr. M. Cemali DİNÇER
Rector of Yaşar University