From The Rector

Prof. (PhD) Levent KANDİLLER

Dear Students,

The mission of Yaşar University is to create sustainable value through quality education and research and to contribute to the society by training innovative individuals who will lead the future. Our university maintains high standards through its education and research activities while contributing to the intellectual development of all partakers, particularly the students, by enabling them to access the correct information quickly, as well. In addition, we work together with the public, non-governmental and private sector organizations and other educational institutions being aware of our responsibilities to the society.

It is something to be proud of for our employees, students and alumni to be a member of Yaşar University and embrace the organizational culture of the university. Our alumni carry this culture to the organizations where they work at every stage of their career and always have organizational consciousness as a member of “Yaşar”.

Our university aims to train modern and innovative individuals who research, question, act with awareness of social responsibility, have problem-solving skills, and can create added value. The improvement of our students’ sense of art and design is also of utmost importance for us. Yaşar University aims for success in unity and solidarity by bringing different languages, cultures and nations together under the guidance of science. The achievements of our graduates with this mindset would be our greatest happiness.

I hope the 2023-2024 Academic Year will bring success to all of us and convey my deepest feelings of affection and respect.

Prof. (PhD) Levent KANDİLLER