As per Article 27 of Higher Education Institution’s Administrative Organization and Responsibilities;

1 - The office of the General Secretary, consists of a maximum of two general secretaries and units connected to it.

2 - The General Secretary is the head of the administrative organization and responsible to the rector for its operation.

3 - Besides the responsibilities that the General Secretary has as the head of the administrative organization, it also carries out the duties below by itself and together with the connected units:

  • Providing the productive, regular and compatible operation in the units belonging to the university administrative organization,
  • Carrying out the role as a reporter of the University Senate and the University Administrative Organization without voting; writing the decisions taken in these units and keeping a record of them.
  • Conveying those decisions taken by the University Senate and the University Administrative Organization, to the units of the university.
  • Providing advice to the rector about the staff that will be assigned to take part in the University Administrative Organization.
  • Providing the operation of Press and Public Relations Services
  • Operating the correspondence of the Rectorate,
  • Organizing the ceremonies, visits and celebrations of the Rectorate
  • Carrying out any similar duties which are assigned by the Rectorate

In all work carried out by Yasar University General Secretary, while following the path through the target of The Founder Mr. Selçuk YAŞAR “Science, Unity, Success”, and through the aims of Yasar University, in accordance with our Quality Policy:

  • By being loyal to the Legal Legislation and Conditions,
  • Conscious of the responsibility to people, education and research,
  • By giving the best and secure service which is distinct, measurable and accessable,
  • Depending on the continuous amendment principle,
  • Regarding customer satisfaction,
  • Focusing the administrative system on quality for all its services,
  • By contributing to the development of education globally, maintains its services.
  • By the realization of these functions, it tries to reach the target of Yasar University as following;
  • Carrying out its duties and responsibilities in accordance with Yasar University’s Strategy Plan and Quality Policy,
  • Accomplishment in carrying the Yasar University’s staff and external stakeholders’ satisfaction to the highest level.
  • The General Sectetary, in the scope of working for quality, realizes the management and control of the work that earned the Editorial Office Directorate “TSE EN ISO 9001:2008” Quality Management System Certificate.

Units connected to the General Secretary

  • Assistant to the General Secretary-Corporate Communications
  • Assistant to the General Secretary - Human Resources, Information and Documentation Works
  • Career and Alumni Center Directorate
  • Competition Relations Analysis and Central Planning Directorate
  • Editorial Directorate
  • Faculty/Graduate Schools/Vocational School Secretaries
  • Health, Culture and Sport Directorate
  • Human Resources Directorate
  • Information Technologies Directorate
  • Library and Information Center Directorate
  • Media Center Directorate
  • Project, Contruction Maintenance & Repair and Technical Affairs Directorate
  • Public Relations and Marketing Directorate
  • Purchasing Directorate
  • Student Affairs Directorate
  • Student Dormitory Directorate
  • Support Services Directorate
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