From the President of the Board of Trustees


Dear Students,

In a time of profound and constant change both in our country and in the world, I welcome you to Yaşar University and would like to outline some of the ideas that we consider fundamental to our mission as a center of education, research and innovation.

Values are one of the most essential elements of a university, because they define its objectives and direction. Our core values at Yaşar University have evolved through the efforts of all of our stakeholders. We believe these values constitute an agreement between us and our community, as well as a feature that distinguishes us as a unique higher education institution.

First and foremost, we at Yaşar University believe in the people first principle. The ultimate beneficiaries of all our activities are people. Thus, we are aware of the fact that the positive impact we have on people goes beyond personal and physical boundaries and extends to the wider community. Moreover, we believe in the supremacy of science. Our value of scientific approach resonates in all our efforts to generate, sustain and transfer knowledge within the framework of universal ethical principles. Humans are by nature positive change agents and through science can make the world a better place to live for all its inhabitants. In addition, we firmly believe that innovation is key to success in the modern era. At Yaşar University we take all possible measures to encourage creativity, which is at the heart of all innovations. To this end, we aim to train inquisitive individuals equipped with critical-thinking skills. Internationalization is also one of our key values, underlying our efforts to create a multinational and multicultural campus for our students and faculty. We consider that such an environment will contribute to the understanding of a wide range of diverse perspectives and the encouragement of respect for differences. As such, we also pay due attention to diversity, which we see as a sign of the wealth of our ecosystem. All in all, we feel these principles help us fulfill our responsibility for public good, which supports all of our values.

Our ultimate goal is to equip students with 21st century skills designed and chosen according to this set of values. We believe that with these skills, individuals will be of benefit not only to themselves but also to the community. Thanks to the unique education they receive at Yaşar University, our students will therefore stand out from their peers.

It remains only for me to wish you luck in your educational journey and to assure you of the full support of Yaşar University in your endeavors both to enrich yourself and to make a full contribution to your community.

Yours truly,

President of the Board of Trustees